Ep. 066: Zombieland & Game Club Pt 4

Chaos Theater Ep. 066 - "Zombieland & Game Club Pt 4"
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Segment Breakdown for this Episode:

01. Intro: "What We've Been Up To"
Runtime: 0:00:01 - 0:35:00

Discussion: "Zombieland"
Runtime: 0:35:32 - 0:57:42

03. Discussion: "Game Club: The Walking Dead Ep 4"
Runtime: 0:58:17 - 1:37:16

04. Outro: "Internet whoring"
Runtime: 1:37:48 - 1:39:30

It's another zombie double feature on Chaos Theater. First, we catch up on what we've been up to. Then, we discuss the zombie comedy movie Zombieland. The zombie theme rolls right into part four of the Game Club with The Walking Dead episode 4, "Around Every Corner." Due to time limitations, there's no Audible recommendation or Mailbag this episode. Next time, we might have an interview, or we might not. But we'll definitely have more of The Walking Dead.

Music Featured in this Episode:
"Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" from Rock Candy 1 by Shadow
"Build That Wall" from Bastion by Ashley Barrett & Darren Korb
"Mother, I'm Here" from Bastion by Darren Korb
"Emotional 02b" from The Walking Dead by Jared Emerson-Johnson

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