Ep. 023: The Foundation Trilogy

Chaos Theater Ep. 023 - "The Foundation Trilogy"
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Special Guest Host: Dale Rausch (MegaCon 2012)

Segment Breakdown for this Episode:

01. Intro: "What We've Been Up To" and "Slaying the Sacred Cow"
Runtime: 0:00:01 - 0:31:18

02. Discussion: MegaCon 2012 report
Runtime: 0:31:54 - 0:40:34

03. Discussion: "The Foundation Trilogy"
Runtime: 0:41:10 - 1:30:31

04. Outro: "Audible recommendations""Chaos Theater Mailbag" and "Internet whoring"
Runtime: 1:31:05 - 2:06:50

We're hitting the books in this episode to discuss Isaac Asimov's classic Foundation trilogy. Before that, we put the sacred cow out to pasture, as it will become an occasional segment rather than a regular one. However, it goes out with a bang with a discussion of the gamerati and a burger slider about the "controversy" created by comments from a BioWare writer. We're then joined by MAHQ co-founder Dale Rausch for a report on MegaCon 2012. After Foundation, we discuss our Audible picks as well as your voicemails and mailbag questions. If you'd like to check out the Foundation radio drama produced by the BBC, go here (thanks Hyakushiki!). Next time, we're going to dive into a deeper dream level and tattoo important facts on our bodies as we discuss (some of) Christopher Nolan's films!

Music Featured in this Episode:
"Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" from Rock Candy 1 by Shadow
"Nightcall" from Drive by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
"Bride of Deluxe" from Drive by Cliff Martinez
"A Real Hero" from Drive by College featuring Electric Youth

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