Sp. 001: Beer 'n' Chicken

Chaos Theater Sp. 001 - "Beer 'n' Chicken"
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Special Guest Hosts: Kristina Pino and Cristian Alvernaz (all segments)

Segment Breakdown for this Episode:

01. Intro
Runtime: 0:00:01 - 0:42:09

02. Discussion: "Beer 'n' Chicken"
Runtime: 0:03:43 - 0:38:58

03. Outro: "Internet whoring"
Runtime: 0:39:48 - 0:45:45

Since we wrapped up our regular discussions in the last episode, we end 2011 with a special episode devoted to something very near and dear to our hearts: BEER. Yes, you hear us mention in most episodes what beer we're drinking, so we decided to devote an entire episode to beer, while drinking beer and eating chicken. As this is a special episode, there's no What We've Been Up to, no Sacred Cow and no Mailbag. We're joined in this roundtable discussion by Kristina Pino and token non-drinker Cristian Alvernaz. We discuss our experiences with beer, some brews we like and a few recommendations. If this sort of episode doesn't suit your fancy, next time it'll be back to normal. Also, before anyone says anything about it, there are some audio problems in the last segment.

Music Featured in this Episode:
"Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" from Rock Candy 1 by Shadow
"End of Line (Photek Remix)" from TRON: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D‎
"Arena (The Japanese Popstars Remix)" from TRON: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D‎

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