Ep. 010: Super Mario

Chaos Theater Ep. 010 - "Super Mario"
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Segment Breakdown for this Episode:

01. Intro: "What We've Been Up To" and "Slaying the Sacred Cow"
Runtime: 0:00:01 - 0:36:01

02. Discussion: "Super Mario"
Runtime: 0:36:27 - 2:08:03

03. Outro: "Chaos Theater Mailbag" and "Internet whoring"
Runtime: 2:08:27 - 2:27:31

It's time for another super-sized episode, but this will be the last for the foreseeable future. After catching up on What We've Been Up To, we fry up the sacred cow notion that mobile gaming on phones and tablets will kill all consoles. After that it's time for the main topic, a Super Mario extravaganza. We discuss all the Mario platforming games, from the original Super Mario Bros on the NES all the way up through to Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii. We also discuss some of the sports spinoffs, along with Mario Kart, the original Super Mario RPG and its own two spinoffs, Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi. Next time, we're hanging out in a blue box that's bigger on the inside with a discussion of Doctor Who.

Music Featured in this Episode:
"Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" from Rock Candy 1 by Shadow
"Ground Theme" from Super Mario World by Koji Kondo
"Athletic Theme" from Super Mario Bros 3 by Koji Kondo
"Delfino Plaza" from Super Mario Sunshine by Koji Kondo

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