Ep. 005: Chrono Trigger

Chaos Theater Ep. 005 - "Chrono Trigger"
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Special Guest Host: Angel De Fana (opening and Chrono Trigger)

Segment Breakdown for this Episode:

01. Intro: "What We've Been Up To" and "Slaying the Sacred Cow"
Runtime: 0:00:01 - 0:26:45

02. Discussion: "Chrono Trigger"
Runtime: 0:27:10 - 1:01:50

03. Outro: "Chaos Theater Mailbag" and "Internet whoring"
Runtime: 1:02:22 - 1:37:00

What's this, another episode already? Well, since episode 4 was delayed for so long, we're playing catchup and this is really the first episode of May. We roast another sacred cow in the opening, and we're joined by Angel De Fana (formerly of EpicSugarWorks) to express our man love for the classic RPG Chrono Trigger. Next time, we'll be getting out our Dick scales for double duty in a discussion covering Philip K. Dick's classic novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? as well as the film it inspired, Blade Runner.

Music Featured in this Episode:
"Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" from Rock Candy 1 by Shadow
"Gato's Theme" from Chrono Trigger by Yasunori Mitsuda
"Frog's Theme" from Chrono Trigger by Yasunori Mitsuda

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